Friday, 1 December 2006


Hi again,
It is December 1st, so I am sharing a few of my "folksy"Christmas decs with you. As you can see they are made with homespun, and have felt, and seasonal patches appliqued on them.
Has anyone any recipes, and ideas for a spicy cinnamony filling for them? These are filled with normal polyester stuffing, and I thought it would be nice to give them a christmassy fragrance.
Anyway, suppose I'd better do some Christmas shopping tomorrow, so many presents....... so little time!!! Look forward to getting your ideas!

Wednesday, 29 November 2006


Hello there,

I always dreamed of living in a country cottage, with birds singing outside, roses round the door, and sweet scent of honeysuckle wafting in the breeze. I would have a bedroom in the eaves, with a brass bed, victorian stripped pine furniture, with a jug and bowl on the washstand.

Of course there would be a sampler on the wall, patchwork cushions, and a lovely patchwork quilt on the bed. ( As you have probably gathered, I am a romantic at heart!)

I don't quite have the cottage, but I do almost have the thing I never thought I would make. What is that? you may ask. Well it is the patchwork quilt!! This is one of my U.F.O.'s (unfinished objects), and I would like to tell you about it.

It started quite a few years ago, before I had children. I went to a Sunday morning car boot sale, I was looking around, hoping to find a bargain, and there they were, in a pile of fabric....... were they? Was I seeing things?!?! Yes!!!! I was right, there were a pair of pretty cottagey, spriggy print curtains!!! They were a Laura Ashley campion design, were rose pink, with a white floral design on, and the white floral contrasting design was a reverse, white, with pink flowers. They were beautiful! I asked the stallholder how much they were, and she told me £1.00.

This was a bargain I couldn't refuse! I paid over the pound, and put them in my bag. I didn't know exactly what I would use them for, but (as you probably can identify with : ) this didnt matter, I had to have them, I would make something from them eventually.

They were packed away in a pine chest for several years. Last year, I had a new neighbour who moved in, and I found out that she loved patchwork, and had made several quilts. We had a lot in common!! She encouraged me to make a quilt, and said she'd be there, if I needed help. This was the push I needed, as I never thought I would have the time. I searched all my quilting books, and mags for a simple, but effective pattern. I found a lovely pinwheel quilt in blue, and white that fit the bill. Then I needed to see if I had any suitable fabric (and enough). After a search through my fabric stash, I found......guess what?? ...... The Laura Ashley curtains!!

To cut a long story short, the quilt is shown above. I used a green marbled cotton as a border, and have used pinwheel blocks in the corners. I have got as far as basting it, and am (very slowly) hand quilting it. It will take a long time, but will really be worth it. I was so lucky to find such lovely fabric, so cheaply!! I even have enough left for cushions too!!!

The other picture is of a cute folk art sampler I made a while ago. It is not my design, but stitched from a pattern. Someone bought this from me, and I have decided that I want one for myself. That is where the U.F.O. comes in. I have started one of those too. Have done about three quarters of it, so it wont take much to complete it. Think I will paint the frame either a barn red, or dark blue, distress it, and wax over the top.

All in all, the "country cottage "is getting there, slowly, but surely!


Saturday, 25 November 2006

Farmer's Market

Hi again,

I visited a local farmer's market today, in a local country town. It is a lovely way to go shopping, you can get away from the usual supermarkets, buy better food, and enjoy the experience.

All the produce is organic, there are fruit, vegetable, and meat stalls. There is a wonderful apple juice stall that sells about 30 different types of bottled apple juice, such as apple & raspberry, apple & ginger, also a few ciders too. There is a yummy cake stall, the shortbread, and chocolate brownies, can certainly be recommended!

For the gardeners, is a lovely flower stall, selling loads of different garden plants, and bunches of beautiful flowers. They had some gorgeous winter tubs, and hanging baskets, filled with pansies, winter primroses, heathers and cyclamens, with foliage of ivies, and tiny conifers. I will have to treat myself next time, my patio will be done then.

The meat stall sells burgers, as well as joints, and steaks. They cook some on a barbeque, which smell absolutely mouthwatering. It certainly makes you feel hungry!

The first time I visited there, there was a patchwork exhibition, in the local church hall. This was perfect, I could buy, and eat lovely food, get plants for my garden, and see the work of local patchworkers. Also. the sun was shining, it was wonderful!! The quilts were marvellous, there were eyecatching wallhangings, it was very inspiring. There were quite a few patchwork bags too, from tiny totes for little ones, to backpacks, and large weekend bags. They (of course) were beautiful originals, and I have to have one!! I have made a few simple bags, but will have to put some colours, and fabrics together, and choose a pattern. So many ideas...... so little time!!!

Friday, 24 November 2006


I do loads of crafts, and thoroughly enjoy it. However, there is something wrong when you take

your sandwiches, magazines etc. to work, in a plastic bag!!!

That is how I got into bag making.
After seeing Tiny Happy's blog, and tutorial, I was well and truly inspired. The picture shown is the result. I decided to recycle fabric, and had a look in my ever increasing stash of fabrics. A few years ago, I bought a denim shirt from a charity shop. It was cheap, and had cute little pandas, and bamboo stitched on it. I had to have it!

I hardly ever wore the shirt, but it was too cute to throw, or give away, so it just lay with all the other fabric.

I needed a harder wearing fabric for the outside of the bag, and this was just perfect!!! The lining is made from a blue check pillowcase, so it tones well with the blue denim. The only thing I need now is a button, or toggle for the top. I will have to keep looking.At least this looks more stylish than a Tesco bag!!!
The red floral bag, was one of my own design. I love Cath Kidston fabric, and after a visit to a clearance shop of theirs, I treated myself to a pile of half yards.
As you can see, this is made from the Clover design, and I love it. It was one of my first bags, it is lined with a plain red cotton, and has a small floral pocket sewn inside it. When I make one again, I think I will interface it, as it is a bit floppy. Also will make a neater job of the lining. You live, and learn!
The next bag I want to make is a slouchy hobo bag (seen in a tutorial by Tinafish). It is a lovely shape, and has a zip, can be seen on
It would be lovely to see your bags, it would be great to hear from you!
Happy stitching : )
No 1 Blog!

This is my first blog ever. Basically I love crafts (and the countryside), and have been inspired by some of the great craft blogs on the web. I love to see the creations by other crafters, and would like to share some of mine too.So that is why I am here!!
I love patchwork, bag making, folk art, stitcheries, and stencilling to name but a few. It would be great to hear from you, and I will now need to work out how to add my pics to the blog. Till then, take care, and happy crafting! : )