Wednesday, 29 November 2006


Hello there,

I always dreamed of living in a country cottage, with birds singing outside, roses round the door, and sweet scent of honeysuckle wafting in the breeze. I would have a bedroom in the eaves, with a brass bed, victorian stripped pine furniture, with a jug and bowl on the washstand.

Of course there would be a sampler on the wall, patchwork cushions, and a lovely patchwork quilt on the bed. ( As you have probably gathered, I am a romantic at heart!)

I don't quite have the cottage, but I do almost have the thing I never thought I would make. What is that? you may ask. Well it is the patchwork quilt!! This is one of my U.F.O.'s (unfinished objects), and I would like to tell you about it.

It started quite a few years ago, before I had children. I went to a Sunday morning car boot sale, I was looking around, hoping to find a bargain, and there they were, in a pile of fabric....... were they? Was I seeing things?!?! Yes!!!! I was right, there were a pair of pretty cottagey, spriggy print curtains!!! They were a Laura Ashley campion design, were rose pink, with a white floral design on, and the white floral contrasting design was a reverse, white, with pink flowers. They were beautiful! I asked the stallholder how much they were, and she told me £1.00.

This was a bargain I couldn't refuse! I paid over the pound, and put them in my bag. I didn't know exactly what I would use them for, but (as you probably can identify with : ) this didnt matter, I had to have them, I would make something from them eventually.

They were packed away in a pine chest for several years. Last year, I had a new neighbour who moved in, and I found out that she loved patchwork, and had made several quilts. We had a lot in common!! She encouraged me to make a quilt, and said she'd be there, if I needed help. This was the push I needed, as I never thought I would have the time. I searched all my quilting books, and mags for a simple, but effective pattern. I found a lovely pinwheel quilt in blue, and white that fit the bill. Then I needed to see if I had any suitable fabric (and enough). After a search through my fabric stash, I found......guess what?? ...... The Laura Ashley curtains!!

To cut a long story short, the quilt is shown above. I used a green marbled cotton as a border, and have used pinwheel blocks in the corners. I have got as far as basting it, and am (very slowly) hand quilting it. It will take a long time, but will really be worth it. I was so lucky to find such lovely fabric, so cheaply!! I even have enough left for cushions too!!!

The other picture is of a cute folk art sampler I made a while ago. It is not my design, but stitched from a pattern. Someone bought this from me, and I have decided that I want one for myself. That is where the U.F.O. comes in. I have started one of those too. Have done about three quarters of it, so it wont take much to complete it. Think I will paint the frame either a barn red, or dark blue, distress it, and wax over the top.

All in all, the "country cottage "is getting there, slowly, but surely!


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