Friday, 24 November 2006


I do loads of crafts, and thoroughly enjoy it. However, there is something wrong when you take

your sandwiches, magazines etc. to work, in a plastic bag!!!

That is how I got into bag making.
After seeing Tiny Happy's blog, and tutorial, I was well and truly inspired. The picture shown is the result. I decided to recycle fabric, and had a look in my ever increasing stash of fabrics. A few years ago, I bought a denim shirt from a charity shop. It was cheap, and had cute little pandas, and bamboo stitched on it. I had to have it!

I hardly ever wore the shirt, but it was too cute to throw, or give away, so it just lay with all the other fabric.

I needed a harder wearing fabric for the outside of the bag, and this was just perfect!!! The lining is made from a blue check pillowcase, so it tones well with the blue denim. The only thing I need now is a button, or toggle for the top. I will have to keep looking.At least this looks more stylish than a Tesco bag!!!
The red floral bag, was one of my own design. I love Cath Kidston fabric, and after a visit to a clearance shop of theirs, I treated myself to a pile of half yards.
As you can see, this is made from the Clover design, and I love it. It was one of my first bags, it is lined with a plain red cotton, and has a small floral pocket sewn inside it. When I make one again, I think I will interface it, as it is a bit floppy. Also will make a neater job of the lining. You live, and learn!
The next bag I want to make is a slouchy hobo bag (seen in a tutorial by Tinafish). It is a lovely shape, and has a zip, can be seen on
It would be lovely to see your bags, it would be great to hear from you!
Happy stitching : )

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