Saturday, 25 November 2006

Farmer's Market

Hi again,

I visited a local farmer's market today, in a local country town. It is a lovely way to go shopping, you can get away from the usual supermarkets, buy better food, and enjoy the experience.

All the produce is organic, there are fruit, vegetable, and meat stalls. There is a wonderful apple juice stall that sells about 30 different types of bottled apple juice, such as apple & raspberry, apple & ginger, also a few ciders too. There is a yummy cake stall, the shortbread, and chocolate brownies, can certainly be recommended!

For the gardeners, is a lovely flower stall, selling loads of different garden plants, and bunches of beautiful flowers. They had some gorgeous winter tubs, and hanging baskets, filled with pansies, winter primroses, heathers and cyclamens, with foliage of ivies, and tiny conifers. I will have to treat myself next time, my patio will be done then.

The meat stall sells burgers, as well as joints, and steaks. They cook some on a barbeque, which smell absolutely mouthwatering. It certainly makes you feel hungry!

The first time I visited there, there was a patchwork exhibition, in the local church hall. This was perfect, I could buy, and eat lovely food, get plants for my garden, and see the work of local patchworkers. Also. the sun was shining, it was wonderful!! The quilts were marvellous, there were eyecatching wallhangings, it was very inspiring. There were quite a few patchwork bags too, from tiny totes for little ones, to backpacks, and large weekend bags. They (of course) were beautiful originals, and I have to have one!! I have made a few simple bags, but will have to put some colours, and fabrics together, and choose a pattern. So many ideas...... so little time!!!


Heather said...

Yay! I'm so glad you started a blog, I'm looking forward to seeing all the projects you come up with! It's fantastic so far, keep it coming!

rosali & co said...

Glad you like it, and I'm raring to go! Have you seen the UFO's yet? (Well some of them, anyway : )

Shazzer : )